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Town Clerk

Charlotte Comeau

13 Town Hall Road

P.O. Box 37

Acworth, NH 03601

Phone 603-835-6879


Town Clerk Hours:

Wednesday 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Saturday 8:00 a.m. - noon

Marianne W Nevelson, Deputy Town Clerk

The majority of the duties of the Town Clerk are assigned by legislature and not by the Board of Selectmen. This office handles vehicle registrations; vital records; dog licenses; NH wetlands permits; voter registration; marriage/civil union licenses; certified copies of births, deaths and marriages; genealogy searches and information about Acworth in general. In addition to collecting the town's registration fees, the Town Clerk is a State Municipal Agent, issuing plates and processing titles.


It is the mission of the Office of the Town Clerk to be a primary provider of courteous, competent and efficient service to the community resulting in public confidence and respect for the government. We are dedicated to the preservation of the Town’s vital records and historical documents for the benefit of future generations. We respect the right to vote as a fundamental civil right and will assure that all elections are conducted in a fair and open manner providing equal access to all citizens.

I enjoy performing my responsibilities and serving as Acworth’s Town Clerk and have done so since 2004. Implementing new programs for this office and improving procedures has given me great satisfaction and provides a more complete service for Acworth residents.


Currently I am a member of the NH City & Town Clerks Assoc. as well as the New England Assoc. of City & Town Clerks, which provides me with information on the latest innovations and services for this office.  I am also a New Hampshire Notary.


Shortly after elected to office, I implemented a new software program specifically designed to process vehicle registrations, dog licenses, vital records, and other various services. It allows this office to keep accurate records and is particularly helpful with auditing. Independent town and state auditors have found that all records are in order.


Two other computer services that are Internet based software programs were also added. It required that I attend courses in Concord. One program allows Town Clerks to access vital records for anyone that was born, married or died in NH. The other program is used for elections. I have been authorized by the Supervisors of the Checklist to be what the state considers a “Super Clerk” in order to perform important functions now required by Concord for each election.


In 2006, this office was approved by Concord to start the process of allowing me to become a certified Municipal Agent, which would give residents the option to obtain their license plates here in Acworth. It was a necessary requirement that I first had to have a certain amount of experience in processing titles and registrations in order to take courses in Concord. This was all accomplished and Acworth’s town clerk’s office was approved to provide this convenient service. In addition, this generates extra revenue for the town each year.


It is my pleasure to serve the residents of Acworth and to keep office services flowing smoothly.

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