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Genealogy Research

Individuals wishing to conduct genealogical research may do so by visiting the State Genealogical Research Center at 71 South Fruit Street in Concord, New Hampshire. Click the link below for more information about what records are available from this State office.


Research on local records may  be done at the Acworth Town Clerk’s Office, our records only go back to 1762. The Town Clerk’s office does not always have the the staff to accommodate and support visitors doing genealogical research. We will try to accommodate your request(s), and we appreciate your understanding if we are not able due to resource constraints.  An advance call (603-835-6879) to make arrangements is strongly recommended.

There is an option of having your records researched by a local genealogist:


Ceara Comeau-Rosello

Website: AncientFamilyTies


Phone: 603-843-5756

Preservation of Acworth Vital Records

In 2007, I applied for and received a grant for $10,000.00 from the NH Dept. of State and Vital Records Improvement Fund. The following year, a NH Moose Plate grant for $5,490.00 was awarded to the Acworth Town Clerk office. With these two grants, all of Acworth’s vital record books under the care of this office were restored and are preserved for generations to come. This money also paid for a fireproof vault to store the books, a fire extinguisher, archival folders, document cases and vacuum cleaner. Below are some before and after pictures of the books.



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