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How to Obtain Copies of Voter Checklist

The Supervisors are required to provide copies of the Checklist to those who request it.  Supervisors are urged to address all pending items prior to providing copies of the Checklist.  However, the the Right-to-Know law requires that a public record that is immediately available be provided immediately.  A person making a request for a copy of the Checklist should not be denied because there are pending changes, but they should be informed that the Checklist is not current.  A request received by mail should not be unreasonably delayed while corrections are made.

The Supervisors may only provide Checklist information for their own town or city.  The Supervisors shall charge a fee for each copy of the public checklist for the town plus any shipping fees if applicable.

The information on the Checklist that Supervisors of the Checklist may provide upon payment, include the voter's name, street address, mailing address, town or city, voter history for an election (including whether or not they voted absentee), and party affiliation, if any, of every registered voter in the town or city.  Date (or any date range) of a voter's registration is not public information.

The Supervisors of the Checklist may provide public Checklist information on paper, or electronically.

**It is a crime to knowingly use the Checklist information for commercial or purposes such as selling or offering for sale any property or service unrelated to an election or political campaign.  

*To request a copy of the Voter Checklist to purchase, you can either print the form that we have provided for you in an attachment below, or come into the office and get a form to fill out and sign. 

*The Voter Checklist is a public record and therefore is open to view in our office during regular business hours.

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