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Emergency Management

Emergency Management Director: Jennifer Bland

Assistant Emergency Management Director: Collin Crosby

NH Emergency Alerts

The Town of Acworth has launched a new emergency management notification system. NH Alerts is a free service, implementing the use of the Genasys Emergency Alert System, to send important alerts and time-sensitive messages to residents. All residents are encouraged to sign up for these alerts.

The Genasys Emergency Management system powers NH Alerts, a multi-channel (i.e. SMS, voice, email, etc.) communication solution that provides life saving emergency information.

This critical feature allows town officials to send you important alerts via phone calls, test messages or emails. Alerts could include information on road closures, criminal activities, severe weather warnings, and more.

Sign up today
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For location-based notifications, residents can also download the Genasys Protect Mobile app. This app notifies you of public safety alerts happening around you. If traveling throughout the United States, the app will notify you of any alerts launched to the app by other town/city officials. Genasys Protect FAQs

Emergency: 911

Charlestown Police Dispatch: 603-826-3141

State Police Troop C: 603-358-3333


Golden Cross Ambulance Service: 603-542-6660

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