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Abatement Processes and Deadlines

Contact Information

Selectmen's Office


Address: 13 Town Hall Rd.

PO Box 37

Acworth, NH 03601


Applications for all exemptions, tax credits, and current use must be filed no later than April 15th preceding the setting of the tax rate (RSA 72:33). The taxpayer must be qualified for the exemption or tax credit as of April 1st of the tax year claimed. The financial qualifications will be judged as of the time the application is filed. The Assessing Officials are to provide a written decision on all applications submitted. All these forms may be obtained by clicking here and are also available at the assessing office. Most of these applications require additional information to be submitted so you will need to file these directly with the Assessing Office or postmarked by the deadline date.


Application for abatements must be made by March 1st following the notice of the second tax bill. The Assessing Officials are to grant or deny the abatement by July 1st. The taxpayer may appeal the denial of an abatement to The Board of Tax and Land Appeals or to Superior Court, but not both by September 1st. These dates are adjusted if the tax bills are mailed after December 31st. To download an abatement form click here.


March 1 Last day to file for abatements for the previous tax year.

March 31 Last day for owners to notify assessing officials that “Intent to Cut” will be extended for the previous year.

April 15 Last day to file application for property tax exemption, tax credit, or deferral for the upcoming tax year.

April 15 Last day for religious, educational, and charitable organizations to file annual list of all exempt property with assessing officials. Refusal to file may be grounds for denial.

April 15 Last day to file application for “Current Use” for the upcoming tax year.

May 15 Last day to file “Report of Cut” for the previous year.

June 1 Charitable organization or society must file annually financial condition for the preceding fiscal year.

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