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Tax Exemption Criteria

Exemptions are a reduction in the assessed value of your property. Application forms are available in the Assessing Office at the Town Office or by clicking here. The following exemptions are available:

Elderly Exemption:

  • 65 to 74 Years Old $20,000

  • 75 to 79 Years Old $40,000

  • 80 Years Old or Older $50,000

Income Limits: Single $25,000      Married: $32,000

Asset Limits: Single $48,000          Married: $48,000

  • Blind Exemption: $15,000

Qualifying Criteria

Elderly Exemptions: To qualify, the applicant must have been a New Hampshire resident for at least three (3) years, own the real estate individually or jointly, or if the real estate is owned by the person’s spouse, they must have been married for at least five (5) years. In addition, the taxpayer must have a net income of not more than $25,000 if single or, if married, a combined net income of $32,000 and own net assets not in excess of $48,000 excluding the value of the person’s residence and two acres of land. RSA 72:39-a

Contact Information

Selectmen's Office


Address: 13 Town Hall Rd.

PO Box 37

Acworth, NH 03601

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