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Rob Vogel                          603-863-7839

Hello, my name is Gregg Thibodeau. You may know me from my work on the Veterans Group and the Conservation Committee. In December 2020, I approached the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board with the topic of establishing and making available broadband internet service to our town.  Rob Vogel and our Planning Board agreed and we established the Acworth Broadband Committee and I'm taking the initial lead. I have 25 years' experience as an IT project manager so this is something in my wheelhouse. On our committee we have myself and Rob V. at this time and we're looking for others that are interested in and can assist in the effort. Please contact me 860-338-3227 or e-mail me at if you are interested.


Currently, I'm in the discovery mode determining our options, costs and benefits. To do this I've reached out to 6 of our surrounding towns, Consolidated Communications, NHEC and a bond specialist. I'm in the process of putting together a plan. A draft of that plan can be found by clicking the link under articles. I've established this page and will post an article in our newsletter and on our Acworth Facebook page. During this year's town meeting I will be presenting my findings to date and recommended next steps.


I'm really excited about this opportunity and what this service could mean to home businesses, working from home, home healthcare, online training, home schooling, entertainment (DirecTV, etc.), our aging population base (attracting tax paying residents) and of course shopping for us and for our future generations.

Committee Goals

·       Define options, costs and benefits of establishing broadband in Acworth

·       Obtain approval of Planning Board, Board of Selectman and Town (via 2 town meetings, 2 mandatory public hearings and one warrant article)

·       ** Solicit and obtain proposals from vendors (2 primary, NHEC, Consolidated)

·       ** Obtain bonds (if required)

·       ** Contract with Vendor (if required)

·       ** Oversee production rollout

** Pending approvals and dependent on the option we proceed with

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Link to show NHEC your interest in broadband service -

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