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Hi folks… time for another update on our Acworth NHEC broadband service. There are 3 main steps in the process.

Step 1 – Complete Make Ready Work (prepares the poles for fiber cable installation)


NHEC had completed all the make ready work for all the poles that they own back in Dec. 34% of the poles in town are owned by Liberty and as of 18 Feb, Liberty’s make ready work was still in-progress.

Based on conservations NHEC has had with Liberty they expected that work to be done very soon. This should not delay the next step for those customers with Liberty.


Step 2 - Installing Fiber Cable on Poles (places the fiber cable on the poles)


NHEC completed a contract with Eustis Cable Enterprise to install the

fiber cable in Acworth. Eustis began hanging fiber the beginning of March on Tucker Road and on Keyes Hollow. NHEC is estimating that the fiber installation will be completed by end of May.

Step 3 – Splicing drops and scheduling customer installs (brings broadband into homes)

NHEC will begin this work after the fiber cable has been installed. This is where they will reach out to each homeowner to review orders and determine which folks want broadband and at what service level. Wi-fi modem/routers will be provided free of charge. Installation fees during this initial rollout will also be waived. We can expect that to begin at the end of May or June.

Two service levels will be offered. 100mbps/100mbps at $49.99 and 1gbps/1gbps at $89.99.

If you have any questions for NHEC please contact them using their online form.

  1. Go to

  2. Click the "Support >" link

  3. Fill out the "Have a Question" form at the bottom of the screen.

    • Be sure to include your name, e-mail and in the message body state the problem or question and also your physical address.

  4. This will send your issue/question directly to someone that can respond.

  5. Someone will acknowledge receipt of your question and work with you and NHEC to resolve any issue.


Gregg Thibodeau

Acworth Broadband Committee Lead


Web Page


NHEC Broadband

Committee Goals
  • Define options, costs and benefits of establishing broadband in Acworth

  • Obtain approval of Planning Board, Board of Selectman and Town (via 2 town meetings, 2 mandatory public hearings and one warrant article)

  • ** Solicit and obtain proposals from vendors (2 primary, NHEC, Consolidated)

  • ** Obtain bonds (if required)

  • ** Contract with Vendor (if required)

  • ** Oversee production rollout

** Pending approvals and dependent on the option we proceed with