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Broadband Committee

Gregg Thibodeau            860-338-3227
Rob Vogel                          603-863-7839

Acworth Broadband Project Final Announcement

Hi folks… well we’ve done it! Acworth is on the telecommunications map with more options for high-speed broadband than ever before. NH Broadband (aka NHEC) has successfully installed over 211 Acworth residences with fiber optic broadband service!

Two service levels are offered.  100mbps/100mbps at $49.99 and 1gbps/1gbps at $89.99. NH Broadband’s contact information is below if you are interested in their service. I understand that issues continue with Consolidated’s DSL service. My sympathies go out to those that are still struggling with inadequate or unreliable internet service especially where they have no other options. Starlink might be a good option for those that do not have any better wired (copper or fiber) or wireless (cell) solutions available.  


I’m also very pleased to report that our town did not have to shell out a dime and we have no long-term bond to manage! This was not the case with many of our surrounding towns. Also, anyone that pre-registered had the installation basic cost waived (Note: Some other costs still applied).

I was made aware of 10 installation issues (via Facebook or direct communication to me) from 17 July through 30 September. The last reported issue was 12 August. All 10 issues have been closed or resolved.

My role and the project team’s role are now complete. This will be my last formal announcement. I would like to thank Seth Wheeler and Michael Licata from NHEC for their support throughout this effort. I would also like to thank Brandon Peyton for his knowledge and help in assessing the network architecture in the early option analysis effort. Thank you, Charlotte Comeau for assisting with the grant work. Lastly, I would like to thank all the folks that supported this effort through the entire process. Your encouragement and “cheerleading” helped make this entire effort worthwhile.  Onto the next challenge! Happy internet browsing!

NH Broadband Contact Information

If you have any questions for NH Broadband please contact them using their online form.

  1. Go to

  2. Click the "Support >" link

  3. Fill out the "Have a Question" form at the bottom of the screen.

    • Be sure to include your name, e-mail and in the message body state the problem or question and also your physical address.

  4. This will send your issue/question directly to someone that can respond.

  5. Someone will acknowledge receipt of your question and work with you to resolve any issue.


Gregg Thibodeau

Acworth Broadband Committee Lead


Web Page         


NHEC Broadband

  • Define options, costs and benefits of establishing broadband in Acworth

  • Obtain approval of Planning Board, Board of Selectman and Town (via 2 town meetings, 2 mandatory public hearings and one warrant article)

  • ** Solicit and obtain proposals from vendors (2 primary, NHEC, Consolidated)

  • ** Obtain bonds (if required)

  • ** Contract with Vendor (if required)

  • ** Oversee production rollout

** Pending approvals and dependent on the option we proceed with

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