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Hi folks, it has been about a month since my last update. Not much has changed. We are waiting for a schedule from New Hampshire Electrical Cooperative (NHEC). In January they indicated that they would begin preparation activities in the May-June timeframe (which did start) and then begin construction soon afterwards and by the end of this year they would begin rolling out service to our residents. The rollout would continue into Q1 and Q2 of 2022.

NHEC indicated that they would serve 100% of Acworth including households that are not served by NHEC for electric service. They would also provide service to a small portion (less than 5%) that were not covered by the grant that NHEC was awarded. The grant also requires NHEC to provide telephone service.

Just as a reminder, everyone will have a choice to stay with their current internet and/or telephone service provider if they want too. 

I have been told by NHEC that more information on their schedule and a communication plan will be coming in the next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned!! You can follow the progress on our town’s Facebook page or on our town’s website (address below). Also please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for answers to questions. 


Gregg Thibodeau

Acworth Broadband Committee Lead


Hello folks! Here is the latest on broadband for Acworth.

Our Acworth Broadband Committee (ABC) has laid out all our broadband options with an assessment of cost, schedule, quality of service, reliability, installation effort, etc. We are close to a recommendation to the Planning Board and Selectmen. We are heavily leaning towards the NHEC solution. Due to the following:

  • Competitive pricing model

  • Immediate (this year) schedule to start work

  • Covers 100% of Acworth

  • State of the art network that will have a high level of reliability

  • Competitive initial speed/capacity offerings up to 1gb/1gb (we are currently offered 3/1mb, 7/1mb and at most 10/1mb via Consolidated’ s DSL. We are talking about a low end of a 150% increase in speed up to a 9,000% increase possible)

  • NHEC will own the hardware on the poles so there are no additional operational costs to the town.


We also issued out Requests for Information (RFI’s) as required if we were to go down the path of our neighbors which is a bond and contract with Consolidated. The RFI has a mandatory waiting period of 60 days, which is due mid-May.  (NOTE: Langdon, Charlestown, Unity and Goshen have all decided to go with a bond and contract with Consolidated. Alstead has no option available to them. They must stay with their current mix of vendor options. Marlow’s town meeting is scheduled for late April.) It is likely that we will not pursue this process any further than the RFI’s given that we are leaning heavily with the NHEC solution.

I am working directly with NHEC's implementation manager and the vice chair for their newly formed (2020) broadband branch of NHEC. They are required to begin their work this year and because 95% of Acworth was covered by the grant they won and because they already started with 200 homes in Lempster, they have prioritized Lempster and Acworth to be the first of the 20+ communities that they are to provide broadband too.

NHEC will start work this spring and rollout to some home will occur this year with the balance completing in first 2 quarters of 2022. We do not have a detailed schedule from them yet. I just pinged them on again this week. I am trying to nail them down on a more definitive schedule.

I also asked them to describe how we will be able to track their progress. Consolidated has a slick website dashboard they use. I am hoping NHEC will be the same.

Please check out our FAQ’s for answers to questions regarding cost, who will be offered the service, who will provide phone service and many more topics by clicking here:  Broadband Committee FAQs

I will provide an update towards the end of April or as soon as I hear anything from NHEC.


Looking forward to faster, more reliable internet in our future!!

Gregg Thibodeau

Project Lead – Acworth Broadband Committee

Committee Goals

·       Define options, costs and benefits of establishing broadband in Acworth

·       Obtain approval of Planning Board, Board of Selectman and Town (via 2 town meetings, 2 mandatory public hearings and one warrant article)

·       ** Solicit and obtain proposals from vendors (2 primary, NHEC, Consolidated)

·       ** Obtain bonds (if required)

·       ** Contract with Vendor (if required)

·       ** Oversee production rollout

** Pending approvals and dependent on the option we proceed with